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Friday, May 22, 2009

Opening Address to Participants of UUM-College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Students’ Colloqium

On behalf of UUM – College of Arts and Sciences management, I want to welcome you to the Fourth Graduate Students’ Colloqium.

The main objective of this colloqium is to help us monitor the progress of thesis writing of all of our graduate students.

For those who are new to this colloqium, the following information will provide you an idea of what to expect during this colloqium.

We will divide you into three groups:

Group A
Pre-proposal stage of a thesis – this is the first stage of proposal writing. It is kind of “work in progress” of a proposal writing. First and second semester students are expected to present his/her pre-proposal stage of his/her thesis.

If you are presenting in this session, you should give the highlights of your paper in about 20 minutes. Please emphasize on the research question, objectives and methodology of your study.

You can use power point if you wish, for key points or charts, but it is not advisable to try to put the entire proposal/paper on power point slides. If you present tables in power point, keep them simple – no more than 5 rows and 5 columns. If you have any question in which you would like some advice, you can highlight those during your presentation.

Group B
Proposal stage of a thesis – this is the final stage of proposal writing. Third and fourth semester students are expected to be in this group. It consists of the presentation of their first three chapters of their thesis.

First chapter is the Introduction – this chapter consists of background information, problem statement, significance of the study, and objectives of the study.

Second chapter is the Review of the Literature.

Third chapter is the Methodology – this chapter consists of theoretical framework, sources of data, how to analyze the data, and the variables that will be used in the analysis.

During the presentation, a minimum of two lecturers (evaluators) will evaluate this proposal. Actually, you should submit three copies of your paper in advance through your supervisor(s). For this colloqium, three PhD candidates will defence their proposal.

I expect that, after you present your proposal, there will be some further revision of the proposal.

Group C
Preliminary findings of the research or final reports – this is a “work in progress” of the analysis or “ready to submit his/her thesis”.

Then, tomorrow I expect you to communicate with your respective supervisor(s) to clarify any matters remaining from today discussions. Those presenting proposals and “final reports” should concentrate on what work needs to be done to revise the proposal or “final reports” or continue the research or your writing over the next six months.

We hope you will find this Graduate Student Colloqium a useful activity with enjoyable and productive one with the active participation of all.

Thank You.

by Dr. Jamal Ali, Chairperson (Social Sciences)
May 24, 2009

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