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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Malaysia MOA Incorporation Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry Project Implementation

Projects implementation of agricultural development need the efficient and effective service support. Skilled human-resources preparation, adequate financial resources, infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology from the early stage of input preparation, production, handling to products and agricultural-products marketing and also food is very important in efforts for success and development of this sector. In accordance with that, agricultural projects implementation approach through the MOA Inc. method were introduced and launched by the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry on 23rd of March 2003.

The objective of projects implementation by MOA Inc. is to improve effectiveness of the presentation system to achieve the agricultural sector transformation’s target and enhance the Government’s role in facing agricultural sector issues, challenges and requirements so that viable to contribute to the national economic growth incessantly.

Implementation of agricultural development projects based on MOA Inc. concept outlined the pooling of total thinking, energy and human-resources from all of three Departments and eight Agencies under Ministry to transfer expertise service and best recommendation to help the target group. Through this approach also, all involved Deparments and Agencies will provide the service in teamwork in all level of development project such as planning, implementation, management, marketing, monitoring and evaluation.

The projects perform based on MOA Inc's approach such as food production, processing and agro-tourism should :
i. viable and could be implemented continuously;
ii. have a business plan that could be implemented;
iii. have marketing plan through FAMA or other marketing agent to determine revenue can be marketed;
iv. based upon economic size and commercial as determined by Agency;
v. managed by a Project's Manager;
vi. head for to certification of quality and food safety; and
vii. determine entrepreneur have 20% equity if the project supported by bank.

1. Vegetables :
a. Open system - minimum size 4 hectares;
b. System fertigasi - minimum size 1 hectare

2. Fruits:
a. starfruit, papaya, banana, pineapples and watermelon - minimum size 10 hectares
b. Durians, rambutan, jackfruit mangosteen, jackfruit, duku / dokong, sapodilla and mango - minimum size 20 hectares

3. Paddy - minimum size 40 hectares

4. Flower - minimum size 4 hectares

5. Coconut - mimimum size 40 hectares

1. Integration Cattle - Minimum 100 female seed
2. Feedlot Cattle - 600 / rotation
3. Dairy Cattle - 50
4. Broiler (closed pen) - 50,000 / rotation
5. Pullets - 50,000 chicken
6. Goat - 500 seed

1. Pond
a. Tiger Prawn - Minimum Park area 2 hectares
b. Lobster - Pond size 0.4 ha per unit
c. Freshwater fish - 4 ponds
d. Salt water fish

2. Cage
a. Sea fish - Minimum Area 2500 m
b. Freshwater fish - Tank size 50m x 20m x 1.5cm

3. Tank
Freshwater fish - Minimum Area 1 ha; Tank size 50m x 20m x 1.5cm; and number of tank - 8

4. Hatchery
Sea prawn / lobster / Ikan sea / fish freshwater

a. Poultry-based product - Minimum fixed capital RM 0.5 million
b. Cereal-based product - Minimum rotation working capital RM0.5 million
c. Fruit dan vegetable-based product - Minimum module paid up RM1million
d. Fishery-based product
e. Coconut-based product

a. Vessel type - Zone C and above fish catching vessel including tuna
b. Vessel number - Minimum 2 vessels
c. Property type - Charter / lease / sub local lease
d. Operation jetty - Major jetty: Tok Bali, Kelantan; Kuantan, Pahang; Batu Maung, P. Pinang, and Tg. Manis, Sarawak
e. Revenue landing - In the country
f. Employee/crew - must be Local

a. Fish processing - Minimum investment amount RM500,00 Employee minimum number 50 people

i. Company / individual who wish to apply to be listed under MOA Inc. project must provide project’s paperwork or business plan.
ii. Application is brought forward to those pertaining Deparment / Agency in state and Headquarters level.
iii. Company / individual will be called to present their paperwork / business plan to J/K MOA Inc. Headquarters level.
iv. If certified by J / K, the application will be aired to MOA Inc. Ministry Agricultural and Agro-based Industry secretariat for registration.
v. Registration certificate will be issued to related Department/Agency and copied to the company / individual.

i. Obtain advisory service, guidance and expertise from the related Department/Agency.
ii. Benefit from financing facility / fund loan provided by Bank Pertanian Malaysia restricted to the loan conditions.
iii. Types of funds that are provided.
· Fund For Food - 3F
· Loan Scheme For Trader Society & Bumiputra's Industrial (TSBI)
· Loan Scheme For Mechanization & Agriculture Automation (MAA)
· 2nd Small & Medium Industry Fund (2 SMIF) Food Manifacturing Credit Scheme (FMCS)

Source: MOA

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